True meaning of Lead Sled

While working on my ’54 Chevy project, I’ve discovered a lot of lead filler. I’m really starting to see the real meaning of ‘lead sled’.So, I decided to do some research into the use of lead as an autobody filler from the 1950’s.Firstly, lead is dangerous, right? When ingested, breathed in, or gotten into yourContinue reading “True meaning of Lead Sled”

What Goes Around Comes Around: Jesse James Goes Full Circle

Jesse James, love him or loath him, one thing’s for sure though, you can’t ignore him. The reason why you can’t? It’s simple because he’s so goddam good at what he does. Right now, that’s handcrafting firearms to competition standard works of art. Some of his top-shelf 1911 .45 custom models made from Damascus steelContinue reading “What Goes Around Comes Around: Jesse James Goes Full Circle”